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Second Trimester with Baby #3

I’ve been pretty slack in writing about this pregnancy, in part because right up until the third trimester started it was a pretty quiet one! In the girls’ pregnancies I wrote a journal to them, so I’m recording this pregnancy here because I just don’t have the time for a weekly journal with Bunny running… Continue reading Second Trimester with Baby #3

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The Realities of Pregnancy After Loss

The biggest thing I've had to get used to in this pregnancy is, actually, akin to what I'd be going through in a more 'conventional' life. The idea that my tiny baby, my little girl, is going to be a big sister; the transition from going from a mama of one baby, the most wonderful… Continue reading The Realities of Pregnancy After Loss

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Preparing for a Rainbow: Living with Fear

I'm currently 29 weeks into my pregnancy with our rainbow baby. My two pregnancies have been so very different in every possible way; in my first pregnancy, it was a breeze. Every kick was exciting, buying all of her things just made me excited for the months ahead. This time around kicks fill me with… Continue reading Preparing for a Rainbow: Living with Fear