Raising a Rainbow

Bunny’s 18 Month Update {Rainbow Baby}

There’s so much of me that cannot believe I’m lucky enough to be writing this about our wonderful little girl. She is absolutely my little heart healer. Her and her sister are the determination in my every day. I can’t believe we’re eighteen whole months on from that nervous nervous August day in the hospital waiting for her to arrive and be okay.

Sizes: Currently Bunny is about 28lb and 35 inches tall. She’s still pretty big for her age. She wears age 2-3 generally in everything and has for a little while, as well as some 3-4 bottoms/coats. Her feet, however, are totally tiny, and she’s still a wide size 4

Sleep: The big one, the thing that she just never did again after six months… somehow we had a bit of a Christmas miracle. She’s slept through more than a couple of times since Christmas. It must have been a developmental thing. We didn’t really change anything about our routine, she just suddenly gained the ability to sleep through. I feel a little bit more human for the first time in a long time. We still have some very rough nights, especially with her leg (wait for it…) but there’s progress, and that’s amazing.

Physical Milestones: These have been on the back burner this month. When Bunny was 17 months, mid strop and struggle trying to run into a car park she jumped from my arms onto (because she doesn’t know how to jump) straight legs. Ouch! So she did quite a nice toddler fracture, and has been in a cast for four weeks now. That’s been interesting! She’s adapted so well crawling around and has started walking in her cast too. It’s a neat fracture and will heal fine, she won’t be impacted by it in the long run. She’ll be walking and doing all her usual antics again soon, we’re excited to see how she fares with the cast off and get her back to normal.

Prior to that, she’d just started running and had really gotten the hang of climbing. She’d just started walking up the stairs rather than crawling, and is freakishly speedy at climbing ladders (learned the hard way at a baby group, where I turned my back for a second and she was up a small ladder rubbing things off a whiteboard!) We’d just started going out without the pram or carrier.

Her fine motor control is amazing, and I attribute a lot of that to baby led weaning. She holds a pencil with a proper grip, and loves small precise things like peg puzzles, stacking blocks, threading stackers, and shape sorters.

Eating: She eats fabulously! Has a very varied appetite and will try near anything. We had tummy troubles this month after using ibuprofen for her leg, which I think she’s sensitive to like me, but she’s finally getting back to her usual crazy appetite. She can eat a whole meal with a fork and feed herself a yoghurt or cereal with a spoon pretty neatly. I do regret letting getting a little lax with sugar since she turned one as we’ve moved. I’ve spent way too long with a traumatised toddler throwing herself at the fridge yelling ‘BIC BIC!!!’ so I’m trying my best to steer her back away from sweet treats as apparently she has a sweet tooth just like her Daddy.

Breastfeeding: Bunny currently breastfeeds about once a day. I don’t think there’s much in there, she just does it for comfort. This has been pretty sudden. At 15/16 months she still fed all the time!

Speech: Her speech has absolutely exploded over the last few months. It’s incredible watching her pop out with new words every single day. She’s starting to string words together too and can say more words than I can count. I’ve gone from ‘Mama’ to ‘Mummie’ or ‘Mumbeeeee’ as Bunny says when she’s getting muddled, which is super cute. She chatters away and is developing wonderful manners, saying thank you in context. She relies a lot on communication and gets very frustrated if she can’t quite explain what she wants.

Teeth: When we started the year she had eight teeth. In the last two weeks five or six have cut through. With her leg as well! I was wondering when her canines were gonna arrive and it turns out all of her canines and premolars are coming at once.

Personality: My Little Bunny girl has the most hilarious personality. She’s definitely an extrovert like me, though I never was as a child. She’s much more like I am now. She lets you know what she wants and is so confident, that’s something I always hope stays with her. She thrives on company and loves being around other kids, especially older kids. She’s never afraid to show that’s she’s super excited about something and is just completely expressive and cheeky. She understands so much of what we say now and though she’s facing a lot of big emotions, we’re learning to take them head on as a team.

So that’s our Bunnygirl at 18 months. I love that she’s such a big personality and so friendly and I’m looking forward to seeing her bonds with her friends develop as she gets into her twos and threes. I think we’re doing okay! We have a happy little girl, she’s outgoing and wonderful. I feel so much pressure to do right by her and I really hope we’re giving her the brilliant childhood she deserves. It won’t be two seconds before I’m writing about her turning two!


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